Whisky Cabinet

Whisky Cabinet Whisky arrived in Scotland and has become a central part of Scotland’s culture and history, particularly in Edinburgh where in 1505 the barbers were granted the right to legally distill. Scotch whisky has evolved since this time where drams were distilled only once before being drank from stone or glass jars as a …

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Oak Sideboard

Oak Sideboard One, two three. Whether it be in painting, photography or furniture design the Golden Ratio has its place. We designed the Merchiston sideboard to fit into daily living whilst having the attention to details of a show piece. We wanted this to be a truly premium piece where every component is considered. Read …

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Cherry Bookcase

Cherry Bookcase The joy of this bookcase is its adjustability while not compromising on the overall strength. In order to keep the adjustable shelves steadfast we use an age proven approach, called the sawtooth shelf system. The system is made up of vertical supports running the height of the internal bookcase. A traditional bookcase could …

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